Power Up Your Day

Our new Power up Features: Power up Fruit & Yogurt, Power up Smoothie, Power up Breakfast Bagel with real avocado offer a protein packed start to your day.

Summer Sips

Coconut Iced Coffee
Chilled premium roasted coffee, lightly sweetened and fragrant coconut milk, with all natural coconut syrup, served over ice for maximum refreshment.

Sour Cherry Hibiscus Iced Tea
Sweet and tart Sour Cherry syrup, refreshing hibiscus iced tea, served over ice. A classic nostalgic flavour profile with a modern twist and refreshing finish.

Coconut Mocha Ccino’
Rich, bold espresso, indulgent ice cream mix, chocolate sauce, all natural coconut syrup, topped with lush whipped cream, a drizzle of chocolate sauce and fresh shredded coconut. Decadent, yet light and perfectly balanced – your new Summer favourite.